Adventure Responsibly

Adventure Responsibly is our purpose, our cause and our why summed up. The reason we exist. These ideas aren't new - they have been heavily influenced by general wilderness ethics and tenants, along with a strong background in outdoor principles from the Scouting program. But what does it mean to Adventure Responsibly? We believe it consists of the following:


-Researching Your Adventure Beforehand: Get a guidebook, call the ranger station, do a Google search. Whatever you need to do to understand the area you will be adventuring. Understand peak season, resources available, average temperatures during your visit. Don’t assume that what you see on social media is an accurate representation of where you will be going. Doing this will help you be ready for the next principle .

-Be Prepared For Anything: The Scout program had it right with their motto of Be Prepared. This is an eternal principle. Doing the proper research beforehand will help you to be fully prepared for anything on your adventure and can mean the difference between life and death in some cases. Be prepared with appropriate clothing and equipment. GPS locators and maps if in the back country, water, food and materials to help you if you happen to get into a bad situation.

-Know And Follow The Rules: Know the rules, regulations and customs of where you will be adventuring and adhere to them. If a trail or area is closed off, respect those restrictions. Know where you can and cannot set up camp. Follow any posted rules on the trail heads. This also applies for international travel where laws and customs can be very different from what you are used to.

-Leave It Better Than You Found It: An old principle that is more relevant than ever. Beyond Leave No Trace, we must commit to leaving a place better – pick up after others, volunteer in the parks and public lands. The protection of these precious places is in your hands. Leave It Better is also a challenge to how you think about your impact on a place – will tagging a location help or hurt? How will your actions preserve these lands?

-Help Others Along The Way: When you follow the above, it places you in a position to help others who aren’t adventuring responsibly. You can help educate others, provide assistance and information, provide food or water to those under-prepared.